Well, summer is half way over and while it’s not raining with background screening news there are still some exciting things happening this week.  First, NAPBS will be pursuing litigation against the District Court of Bentonville, Arkansas.  Second, Workforce Magazine has released their annual “Hot List” of background screening companies.  Lastly, Sterling Talent Solutions just named Josh Peirez as their new co-CEO.

Bentonville, Arkansas has essentially stopped allowing screeners and record researchers access to records in their jurisdiction. The court began denying requests for access to records for consumer reports.  They are justifying their decision through what NAPBS is calling a “gross misinterpretation of the State Supreme Courts Administrative Order 19, which violates both the order itself and state law.”  The repercussions are far reaching including prohibiting businesses which reside in Arkansas from hiring people.  Anyone ever hear of Walmart?  On July 20th NAPBS filed an official complaint in Arkansas State Court against the jurisdiction and is confident they will have a positive outcome.  More on this in the coming weeks!

Workforce Magazine has released its 2018 Hot List of background checking providers.  The list is vast and makes me wonder what the point is if everyone is on it.  It’s obviously an important list to be on since end users seem to use it to send their RFP’s, but all the data is self-reported so how accurate is it?  If the numbers are correct, what it does show is nice growth for all screening companies on the list.  Unemployment is low and people are hiring more than ever so it’s not shocking to see 10-20% growth across the board.  Interesting that this year HireRight declined to participate, but I think they’ve got enough going on with the GIS merger.

And finally… this one took be by surprise, Sterling Talent Solutions just named Josh Peirez as its new co-CEO.   Last month it was announced that Billy Greenblatt, Founder,  has come back to Sterling as their permanent CEO.  I was shocked to hear that he is splitting those duties with someone else.  However, shocked doesn’t mean I think it’s a bad thing, quite the opposite.  Billy is very good at what he does, probably the best businessman in the screening world and Sterling is very good at what they do as a company, this can only mean good things!

That’s it for this week, not a ton to report.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend.