My blog this week will be rather short as we get ready for the NAPBS conference in Baltimore next week.  I wanted to take this opportunity for a shameless plug to come see Nick Fishman and me speak on Tuesday morning at 10:30.

What will we be speaking about?  Well, in addition to our usual banter and personal insults aimed at each other, we have a pretty fun topic: Building, Scaling, Marketing and Growing your CRA.  We plan on covering such things as:

  • How to properly and deliberately grow your business, but also consider how to scale that growth properly.
  • Automation: manual VS automated processes.
  • How CRA’s are marketing themselves and how you can differentiate yourselves from the crowd.
  • Building high performing teams and creating a culture of excellence

We will also round out the presentation with a discussion on acquisitions and if that is something that your firm will ever explore down the road, how you can prepare your business for it.  So that’s it, come see Nick and me on Tuesday at 10:30 AM and be a part of the discussion.

Bonus, bring a tomato (or several), first one to hurl one at Nick receives a $100.00 gift certificate!