We’re back! It’s been over three years since we sold EmployeeScreenIQ, three years since we’ve written (ranted, evangelized, waxed poetic) about employment background checks, three years since our general counsel and full-time babysitter, Angela Preston had to censure us for inflammatory and, or sophomoric comments, etc. and we’ve decided that we just can’t quit the background screening industry. So, we’re getting the band back together- well, Jason and I anyway, and we’ve decided to revive our ongoing dialogue about the industry we love.

To some of you, this news will be met with much fanfare (hi mom), while others have enjoyed the three-year reprieve. Here’s what I can tell you. Our time at Sterling was like reform school– in a good way. In addition to having to curb our practical jokes and constant insults, the experience has built us into much more mature, enlightened and evolved screening experts. Seeing how a “big-three” operates has given us a fresh perspective that allows us to have a more well-rounded understanding of what is going on in the industry and where it is headed.

Back to the Future

So, while we’ve regressed to our old immature ways, we intend to use this blog to discuss the topics that matter most to consumer reporting agencies, the supplier community that serves them and to HR and Risk Management professionals responsible for overseeing employment background checks. We’ll analyze key issues, highlight the latest trends and share important news and happenings that keep this industry moving.

There are a number of areas we look forward to exploring such as industry innovation, new product launches, M&A activity, the coming and going of industry executives, compliance updates and lessons learned and the effects of ongoing consolidation.

There’s Always a Pitch

Of course we have an ulterior motive. What kind of idiot starts a blog without something to sell? Okay, well these two idiots- kinda. Over the last year, we’ve each launched our own consulting firms, specializing in helping background screening companies and the vendors that power them launch, grow and scale. We’re trying to figure out if and how we should merge these practices, so for now, we’ll spare you the pitch. But, we will keep you posted on our progress throughout. Perhaps, you’ll have some advice on what we should do and how we should do it. Let’s keep it classy. Neither of us need advice on where we should remove our heads from.

The other motive is to start a new dialogue on what’s most important to you and by extension, the industry and how we can help play a part.

We’re looking forward to seeing where this goes, so please jump in and let us know when we’re on to something, when we’ve gotten something wrong, the topics you want to discuss, etc.

In the meantime, we’ll fire up the Delorean!