It’s been quite a week in background screening and we wanted to recap some of the highlights that generated news, raised some eyebrows and piqued our collective attention.

  1. SNH Capital Acquires Universal Background Screening– The fact that a PE firm would acquire a background screening company these days is not really groundbreaking in and of itself. However, SNH also owns PeopleFacts, run by long-time industry executive, Dan Shoemaker. Universal will be a great addition to the portfolio as they’ve developed a solid roster of clientele in the healthcare space and they’ll inherit an exceptional pipeline of talent including COO Ryan Krostue. Congratulations to all parties involved!
  2. Industry Veteran, John Hawkins Joins DataFacts– Congratulations to John Hawkins who joins the company as a sales and account management executive. John was the driving force behind BackTrack’s sales operation before they were acquired by GIS. Also noteworthy is company’s recent hiring of Tammy Henry as their Vice President of Client Success. For those that don’t know Tammy, she ran WalMart’s background screening program for years and is a solid addition to DataFacts’ team. Without being gratuitous, DataFacts engaged Jason Morris to help them with these hires and I know that they are thrilled with the results. If you are looking to hire a senior-level executive, please reach out to us. You’d be amazed at how many great candidates have reached out to us expressing interest in making a change.
  3. It’s All About NAPBS- Most of the industry is turning their attention to NAPBS’ Mid-Year Conference in DC which begins this Sunday and concludes with Advocacy Day next Wednesday. It’s always a great conference and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned.

As it relates to NAPBS, we are most interested in exploring what companies are doing to innovate in this space. Jason and I feel like there’s been a bit of a lull on this front as of late and are hoping to be inspired by, support or even invest in concepts that can keep pushing this industry forward.  More on this in future posts, but if you’ve got a great idea, please reach out.  

If you’re at NAPBS and would like to talk to us about our services, please reach out.  We have been helping many companies with recruiting top talent, consulting on sales, marketing, operations and strategic growth and many other areas. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in DC.