Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m excited to share our latest installment of This Week in Backgrounds where we analyze the latest news, trends and happenings in the background screening industry. BTW, as you can tell from the frequency, I’m still working through the concept of “Week” as opposed to once every two weeks, ten days, etc. I’ll try to do better next time.

SHRM Article Highlights Merits of Continuous Monitoring– For years, we’ve all predicted that continuous monitoring was going to be a major trend for the background screening industry and employers. While the SHRM article shows that adoption is slow, I believe that we are reaching a tipping point. You’ve already seen Uber implement a CM solution for their drivers and other regulated industries are taking note. I will be writing more about CM in the coming weeks and months including the value of the product, the tremendous opportunity for CRA’s to grow their relationships with their clients, how it should be sold, who the target buyer is and the things CRA’s need to think about when adopting a CM strategy. Check out Roy Maurer’s full article here.

State of New York Increase OCA Fee to $95- It’s official now folks. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill that takes an already outrageous access fee of $65, to a downright ludicrous $95. And in return for that tidy sum, those who conduct employment background checks will get the exact same product. This law went into effect on April 13th, so don’t be surprised when you get your bill. Collectively, employers in the state of New York and those that employ people from the Empire State are saying “WTF”. Check out my full post here.

Appriss to Receive Investment from Clearlake to Fuel Rapid Growth- And speaking of continuous monitoring, Appriss, the only true continuous monitoring solution in the market, announced that Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. will “make a significant new equity investment in the Company to further support Appriss’s rapid growth and expansion into new markets.” Appriss has already begun to invest heavily in pre and post hire monitoring, including the recent announcement that they will be partnering with SJV to offer a host of products to their respective client bases, and I anticipate that this new infusion of cash will continue to fuel their growth in this market. Check out the full release here.

New York City Nears Ban on Pre-Employment Marijuana Tests– Speaking of coming trends, we are beginning to see states (Maine) and other jurisdictions adopt laws that preclude employers from testing prospective employees in non-regulated industries for marijuana. Personally, I’m not opposed to this. We don’t test candidates for alcohol as a condition of employment. Background screeners that offer drug testing will just need to educate their clients on 4-panel tests and navigate which jurisdictions are affected. Check out this post from Seyfarth Shaw’s, Jennifer Mora for more information.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this installment. Please reach out if you have news items, trends, etc. that you’d like us to consider. Until next time . . .