We recently held a highly informative webinar on the future of background screening compliance post COVID-19, featuring a who’s who of experts in background screening compliance, including Seyfarth Shaw’s Pam Devata, Angela Preston from Sterling and Bon Idziak from Accurate Background.

We focused on three key areas that are on the minds of all background screening companies right now:

  1. COVID-19 Compliance Obstacles
  2. Background Screening Compliance in the Near Future
  3. The Future of Background Screening

We also did a deep dive on the compliance obstacles from the perspective of Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), End-Users (Employers) and Consumers (prospective job candidates).

I think the biggest area that our panelists stressed is that just because we are experiencing a pandemic doesn’t mean that the established rules don’t apply. They do. And here is some quick advice on how CRAs can protect themselves.

  • Presume that everything you are doing today is going to be questioned later
  • Whatever decisions you make to handle this right now, make sure to document (present standard v non standard)
  • The law is the law and it hasn’t changed

A full recording of the webinar can be downloaded below.