Ketchup or mustard? Boxers or briefs? Worst place ever for a SHRM Conference?

Jason, Kevin and I have been arguing like an old married couple for over 20 years now about background screening issues (and really, everything else) and it’s time to bring in an independent arbiter to referee and decide who’s right (that’s where you come in).

Join us on June 17th at 1pm ET for “Background Screening Battle Royale: Who Argued it Better” where the three of us will lock horns on background screening topics and debate who’s wrong and who’s right. Best of all, you’ll get to decide who wins.

Key Topics to Include:

  1. Do missed records matter to employers anymore?
  2. Will continuous criminal monitoring ever gain traction with CRAs?
  3. Need to put a spark in your marketing program? Which is more important: lead generation or brand awareness?
  4. “Revenue” or “Margin”- which is more important for a growing CRA

Participation in this webinar is free. We just ask that you register in advance at:

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P.S. We recognize that this is the first time you are seeing the new IQubed brand. We mentioned that the three of us were going to be merging practices— well, this is it. More to follow.