FADV Goes Public. Sterling Says They’re Next. Appriss Sells to Equifax. TazWorks Sells to MeridianLink and Goes Public

Join us Wednesday, September 1st at 1pm ET for IQubed Advisors’ latest webinar, “M&A Whiplash. Analyzing the Latest Background Screening Industry Deals,” sponsored by Qualification Check, featuring Nick Fishman, Kevin Bachman and Jason Morris from IQubed Advisors and investment banker Cherie Smith-Homa.

The background screening industry is in the midst of rapid, transformative change. From mergers and acquisition activity, public filings and a flood of investments from private equity and venture capital, interest in our space is at an all-time high.

The blistering pace of activity is happening at all levels, from background screening companies to the supply chain that supports them and the technology platforms on which they.

What does it all mean and most importantly, what does it mean to CRAs like you?

Key Topics Include:

  • Analyzing the latest deals; what it means, or doesn’t mean, for CRAs
  • Industry reaction to these deals
  • Dissecting the $13 billion total addressable market valuation in FADV’s public filings
  • What the near future holds for M&A activity in the background screening space